20 things you may or may not know about me 9th February 2016 – Posted in: Personal

  • I am a middle chile. I was born on the thirteenth of April back in the sixties and have an older sister Jacqui, and a younger brother Gregory. He is a red head, I am blonde and Jacqui is a brunette. We grew up on the eastern coast of Kwa Zulu Natal (well 7 kays inland for most of the time) In a village called Maidstone. It was such a perfect place to grow up! We had at our disposal, a swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts and a tropical golf course. When I come to think of it, it was one of the first golf estates around really! My best friend at the time, Candis, and I spent our school holidays bolting from one activity to the other! On a Sunday evening we would have movies in the hall at the country club and we would munch on sugar cane sticks for energy during the day!
  • I was a TRUE tomboy! I hardly owned a dress and spent much more time playing cowboys and Indians than dolls. I ran around barefoot and climbed the tallest trees on the golf course! Stubbed toes were the order of the day … heck we didn’t even flinch when we fell and grazed our knees and elbows. My clever father built a tandem bicycle for my sister and me, so we were very busy during the hols and on the weekends!  My friends and I started a club called Fabulous Five (I wonder where the inspiration for THAT name came from) and we earned money by weeding and raking up our neighbour’s leaves. We also snuck into some gardens and raided the litchi and mango trees when our tummies rumbled.
  • I am the proud mother of two amazingly talented daughters. My firstborn is Jordyn and she owns a micro bakery called Hello Duffymoon. She bakes cakes to DIE for and she is a qualified Christina Martin Chef! My babychild is Colby, she has just finished her gap year, where she waitressed at the KZNSA Gallery down the road from where we live in Glenwood. She excelled in Art and Drama for final school year, and, after much deliberation, she is off to study Creative Brand Communications at Vega this year.
  • I do not eat any refined sugar. I gave it up three months ago after a lifelong love affair with it! Mostly I do not miss it but I have given up many things that haven’t suited me in this lifetime so no sugar is quite simply another one to add to my list.
  • The passion for being an entrepreneur has always been very strong with me! From as long as I can remember, I have visualised running my own company. When I was still a little critter, around seven years old, I “ran” a small company taking orders for personalised stationery in and around our little village! It really stimulated my passion for one day owning my own company.


  • I owned a company called e.art.th designs. It was a company that supplied various soft furnishing products to major chain stores in South Africa! It was here where I learned a lot of the actual mechanical side to running my own business. It was a wonderful time in my life where I truly felt close to going at full throttle and using my full potential.
  • After two attempts at business partnerships, I am now proudly a Solopreneur. Remind me to NEVER go back there again! I guess having partners was all a part of my journey, but I am far too bossy and fussy over the way I build my business to have to compromise in any of the sections of business.
  • When I was around 13 years old, I entered into an end of year variety concert. A well known Speech and Drama teacher, Kathy Fitch, suggested to my parents that I enroll in a Drama School overseas in the UK but my folks freaked out at the thought of it, as I was a rather sickly and molly-coddled naff back then!
  • I have four dogs and two cats as pets! I call them “The Motley Crew” and I would say that they are all slightly mad! I have two German Shepherds, a big boy named Boston and a small but feisty girl named Maddie. I have an old stubborn man beagle named Copper. He is about thirteen years old and if he could talk, he would have a deep posh British Accent!  I have to say though, the soul who rules the roost is my cheeky Jack Russel! Her name is Frankie and she is thee spunkiest terrier I have ever met. She is so small but wowzer, she has the biggest attitude ever!  My two Siamese cats are named Dexter and Delilah and boy oh boy do they have me wrapped around their fuzzy paws. I have a hedgehog in the house. He belongs to Colby so that counts right?
  • During my high school years, I grew a long thin plait (longer than the rest of my hair) and called it Fred. My headmistress made feeble attempts to get me to chop it off but I was adamant that it was tied up (like the rest of my hair) and the ribbon I used was in the school colours so she eventually gave up trying! (Yay me) I also collected an obscene amount of key rings, which dangled and jingled from my pencil case so that everybody knew when I was coming down the corridor


  • When I was 12 years old, I broke quite a few regional sprint records for athletics. (The 100m and long jump and the 150m)  That’s me … a good sprinter but rather hopeless at long distance. Talking about long distance, I entered and completed an 80-kilometer walk a few years ago. (Nobody panic! It was a one of momentary lapse of reason) It took me 14 hours and a ridiculous amount of self-discipline to finish the course. I also swam, in that same year, the Midmar Mile that is, yep you guessed it, a mile long dam swim inland from where I stay!
  • I fancy myself as a practising Buddhist and do my very best to live most kindly and peacefully. OBVIOUSLY some days are easier than others but be that as it may, I choose to be an optimist and that leads to me choosing happiness above misery.
  • I have met Robbie Williams.
  • I am a vegetarian with the high hopes of being a vegan this year. I love a plant-based diet and have cut out refined carbohydrates too. I only drink tea, good coffee and water and stopped drinking soda pop drinks and fresh fruit juices over a decade ago.
  • I am an artist and have sold a lot of my work over the years. I use many different styles and mediums and I am truly and deeply passionate about art in general. It is my aim to hold a solo exhibition at our local Art Gallery this year or next!


  • I do not drink any alcohol whatsoever, so generally speaking I am the designated driver when we go out. I love that role and take it very seriously! That way my friends and family can enjoy a few toots without worrying about drinking and driving.
  • I own a brand called Guru Girl, which I have owned for about eight years now. I am the sole owner of it and, even though I had a partner up until recently, I created the character from scratch so therefore I own the trademark, which is a big win. This new website is part of the prelaunch of Guru Girl which I am extremely excited about! The slogan to my brand is “welcome to the upside down back to front world of Guru Girl” which is the closest I could come to telling my truth! My life is an eclectic mix of all of the most colourful aspects I could find about life.
  • I am addicted to my acrylic nails! I have never been able to grow my nails naturally, and besides, I love the tapping noise that my nails make when I am waiting for someone or when I am typing here on my computer. No fancy glitter nails for me thank you! I wear a very plain French manicure which I adore xxx
  • I wear a bindi most of the time. Although it is a symbol steeped in the Hindu tradition, I have worn it for many years now, keeping me focused, grounded and facing forward in a third eye kind of way! I LOVE chilies and curries and even my Indian friends think I am nuts by the amount of hot food I enjoy on a daily basis!
  • I am in a magical relationship with an incredible human bean. His name is Mark and we have been together for five years. It was literally a case of “oh my gosh here you are at last, I have been waiting for you” kind of connection and he is funny, kind, wise, spiritual and sexy. (In no particular order)


HA, finally finding my blog legs 😛

Thank you for enjoying this!

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