50 Shades of hopes and dreams 11th February 2016 – Posted in: Personal

“I am simply listing all of my hopes and dreams here for you to have a wizz through. Do your own one as it is so much fun! You will be surprised at how many you get to tick off at the end of 2016!”

. increase Guru Girl sales and products using my online store to the max.
. achieve ultimate fitness by running cycling and strength training
. eat clean without any refined foods whatsoever
. recycle more
. watch movies on the big screen with our movie club at least twice a month
. keep blogging!
. paint and sell the paintings
. be kind and helpful
. more motivational speaking
. slowly grow more organic veggies in my beautiful garden

. plant more vegetables in my community
. travel to one place of my dreams this year
. hook up with like-minded bloggers
. develop my range of natural body products
. join a hiking club
. take my motley crew for more walks around the neighbourhood
. meditate daily
. explore local exciting places
. to complete a new sparkly vision board
. eeeek use my calendar and reminder apps much more

. read only one novel every month
. use my phone less
. be on facebook less
. research more
. listen to more good music
. go to more live theatre
. seek new friendships
. try and cook healthy food by trying out new recipes
. plan healthy meals in advance
. sleep on my actual beautiful bed instead of on the couch!

. less doubting more believing by far
. save up for something that i really love and must have
. be more awesome than last year
. spend more time outdoors
. worry less
. practice mindfulness
. practice extreme gratitude
. less distractions more focus
. enter more competitions to win stuff
. get more rest

. give more time to charity and kind deeds
. to learn to speak basic Zulu
. de-clutter all of my home including the garage and laundry
. do one major thing a month that is outside my comfort zone
. join a club
. use sunscreen every day
. stop judging others
. not to be phased when others judge me
. grow my faith in karma
. support local business lots more

that’s all for now folksypeeps
love and light



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