GURU GIRL MISSION STATEMENT AND OTHER STUFF 17th February 2016 – Posted in: Personal

Today I decided to revamp my business plan for Guru Girl. The last time I did this, it took me days … actually weeks no make that a few months with intermittent sobbing, nail biting and weight loss before I finally finished my business plan. I checked every detail over and over, making sure that the weeks and months slotted into my 5 year plan. I tell you, it all added up … down to the last S.A. Ront. I had split up with my business partner and really needed to take up where we left off, sooner than later, for obvious reasons. In between waiting for quotes for industrial sewing machines and rolls of grange cotton lycra, I cursed the Universe over and over. I simply couldn’t understand how a creative, left-handed, predominantely right-brained, reasonably happy go lucky girl, would ever have to sit down for hours and hours working on how my magical little company would have to grow by X percent in order for me to replace the machinery I needed to grow my … are you starting to get the idea?. Oh yes, depreciation. Let’s not forget to factor THAT into the spreadsheet somewhere. I mean seriously, why couldn’t I just day dream and positively think my way though my critical growth period to super sweet Guru Girl success?


So, the bank that  had offered me a “once in a lifetime loan” politely turned me down. You see Dear Readers, I was unable to produce any official payslips from the time I left my Guru Girl partner to the time that I proudly plonked my immaculately bound business plan down on their corporate counter.   Like duh … how was I supposed be employed when I couldn’t eat or sleep inbetween fretting about my business plan and cursing my creator? ***insert eyeroll right here*** As a result, and true to my personality type, I became rather despondent and henceforth found my world-domination plan shuffling, head bowed, into the background. I didn’t despair for too long though, because, before I knew it, and quite effortlessly I might add, I became involved in community projects that popped up left right and centre! I started up and joined groups that simply couldn’t do without me (Yeah right) I created a clean-up group in our leafy ‘burb and, along with a few like-minded optimists, I initiated a series of uplifting paintings throughout our buzzy art-farty neighbourhood.  I was even invited, along with some other artists, to join a local art, craft and design organisation, where, rather enthusiastically, we set about creating a massive Pine Nut Vulture, fashioned from confiscated, imported non-compliant goods. The result is a breathtaking example of an upcycled bird sculpture . I am looking forward to it being erected in our local tree-filled park any day now! I also took part in a group exhibition at our local art gallery! I was thrilled at the opportunity as I was able to tick that off my “stuff to do no matter how long it takes” list.


Jordyn and I even squeezed a “redesigning of Mom’s kitchen project” in, and I started a small but successful urban garden just around the corner from my home.  Next, I started a trading group on facebook because pffffft who needs money when you can trade? In actual fact, I was so busy making community and home  progress, that I forgot how important it was to take my Guru Girl business plans, hopes and dreams that were gathering dust, down from the attic.


So, today I did it.  I took out my publication, almost the thickness of an encyclopedia, and proceeded to cut right back on all the extra blah-blah and gumph that the financial institutions insisted I include. I then submitted my brand plan, slap bang in the middle of the toughest financial climate ever, to a business broker who I was recently referred to. I tweaked my Guru Girl Vision and my Guru Girl Mission too while I was at it.
I hope you like it.

Hold thumbs!

Guru Girl Vision
Guru Girl is a lifestyle brand, creating and inspiring a brighter tomorrow around the world, placing emphasis on social awareness.  We celebrate our lives on the eastern edge of Africa where every single item we produce is hatched with love.

Guru Girl Mission
To supply my magical Guru Girl lifestyle Brand to like-minded lovelies around the world.


Love and light


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