Crowd Funding the Guru Girl Way 18th May 2016 – Posted in: Personal

Here goes!

Instead of applying for crowd funding via the conventional channels, I have decided to do it the Guru Girl Way! I have researched various funding options and have come up with a very exciting concept. I have also decided to go the independent funding route because it seems more personal and it is to the point and this will reach you no matter how much my ADHD gets in the way!

For those of you who know me and have been following my brand, Guru Girl over the last few years, you may want to skip the next paragraph as I bring the newbies up to speed.

Brief overview:

Guru Girl is my very own lifestyle brand.

I woke up with the Guru Girl concept almost a decade ago. Isn’t daydreaming just the best in the history of ever?

The catch phrase is “welcome to the upside down back to front world of Guru Girl”
(because who wants to be like everybody else really hey?)

Guru Girl is the thinking girl’s Hello Kitty.

She is trademarked.


Up until two years ago my business partner and I were going from strength to strength, growing my precious brand, just as the tipping point peeked over the horizon, we realised that we had totally different visions for “the girl”.

We parted ways amicably (well, put it this way it could’ve been a whole lot worse)

I slipped on my arlie by being a bit too over-protective and “precious” about my Guru Girl. Also cash-flow you know? It happens I guess, and if I hadn’t spent a good 14 months beating myself into a pulp about all the time I wasted, I guess I could’ve well have been back on my feet already.

What I have learned up until this moment:

I believe in magic now more than ever.

I am surrounded by a small circle of good people.

No time to waste on regrets. Yowzer.

It’s okay to slip up and learn big lessons in your forties (look at all of our “out there” entrepreneurs … )

I am even more creative and maverick as I ever was and rearing to go let me tell you!

Imperfect helps us stumble and fall and then grow even stronger and more resilient after a while.

That I can crowd-fund independently (look here I am doing it)

My ex business partner taught me heaps and heaps about succeeding in the trenches but our vision for Guru Girl was polar and that’s okay too.

What you need to know before you take the leap of faith and purchase your original limited edition teeshirt bag:

I am working from home, for now, to cut my overheads.

I am surrounded by the most caring and nurturing mentors and friends who are guiding, advising and protecting me as I go along.

Patience and I have reconnected after ages! She is going to lovingly sew up Guru Girl stuff for you and for me!

I will ALWAYS support local first no matter what.

I am the soul owner (play on “sole” intentional) of Guru Girl and will keep you in the loop via my Guru Girl blogs here, because once you help me get my feet off the ground, you deserve to know what my hopes, plans and steps forward are for Guru Girl.

You will receive a hand written thank you from me with your choice of teeshirt bag! Wait there’s more! A free Guru Girl Family sticker! OOOOh hoooo waiiiit! There is seriously even more! A wonderful fridge magnet will come to you, free with every single Guru Girl teeshirt bag ordered. A symbol of your faith in a local lifestyle brand and your share in supporting and helping me get back on my feet again.

What I would appreciate from YOU:

Please purchase an Original Guru Girl teeshirt bag for R250 instead of the usual R170 because that will help me pay for my next lot of tee’s. Cash flow is an outright biaaatch when you don’t have it. (the gateway to Guru Girl Crowd Funding appears as a link at the bottom of this blog)

Please spread the word to all of the magical peeps you know who will also understand how important Guru Girl is to the whole wide world. My guy Mark, has funded this first batch and in case you weren’t sure I adore him and need to pay him back because – dignity and pride and these teeshirt bags are thee absolute BOMB!

Please social network the heck out of your Original Guru Girl tee shirt bag once you receive it. I really need to get back out there and would greatly appreciate it. HashTag the shit out of it too if the mood takes you!

You know your free Guru Girl sticker you get with the bag? Please get involved and guerilla market Guru Girl HARD by placing it up in a public space where others will see it and and and (the rest is me chatting to Trevor Noah about how we do stuff on the eastern edge of Africa)  If you are a die hard Guru Girler, you can even photograph your sticker and hash tag Guru Girl on all of your social network sites! (and mine)


Repost this blog link to anybody you may think would be interested in assisting me on my journey. Awe what the heck, just repost it anyway!

I can go on for days on end but I must dash, places to go, people to see, bags to sell!

You know friends, this Guru Girl lifestyle brand has become a symbol of nevergiveupness and victory. Think David and Goliath! Fine, think David for now!What started out as channel to make ends meet when I was widowed unexpectedly,  has ended up being a way to show my feisty daughters just how important it is to never give up on magic, light and creativity no matter what.

Oh yes, before I forget, Guru Girl transforms bullies you know!

5% of my takings will go towards a charity of my choice from now onwards.
You will get regular feedback about this too.

Come and play!

I know like I know, that you will absolutely love it.

Click on this link where you get to choose between 5 different limited edition
Original Guru Girl Teeshirt Bag designs!