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I am hitting you up.

Yes I SO am!

Peeps who know me well will tell you that I never give up, and that I have the most chutzpah in the history of ever.

I have NO idea how much money you would be interested in gifting my business to help me get Guru Girl back on her feet again and I don’t expect you to as obsessed with this girl as I am, but if you are passionate about my  upside down back to front lifestyle brand, and would like to see all over the world again, please consider clicking on the piggy bank that suits your pocket the most. The rest is easy.

I require a total amount of R250 000 in order to roll out an awesome Guru Girl summer 2017. Once that amount is reached, I will shut down the donation piggy banks. I will also donate 10% of the profit I make to an organisation that I have been researching for a few years now. I have chosen Girl Effect. Their mission?  To change the world for girls, so that girls can change the world. (sounds about right to me)

In exchange for your magical generous donation, I will keep you up to speed on my progress in the form of a monthly Guru Girl e mail. Don’t forget to leave your email address in the allocated slot.

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Love and light,

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