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About Beverley Burne AKA Guru Girl

I am forty eight years old and I am a mother of two and a soul partner to one.  I studied Interior Design at the Natal technikon in Durban South Africa but, first and foremost, I am an artist and an entrepreneur, in no particular order. I currently specialise in creating excitement and product around my lifestyle brand, Guru Girl, so I guess that makes me a creative director?

My skills include changing regular found objects into artworks and I am proudly involved in local art exhibitions and I have been a part of a team who have produced public sculptures and art. I am happy and I try to be kind to animals and humans. I live on the eastern Edge of Africa. In my spare time, I am a motivational speaker and I love to run and cycle to keep fit and clear my colourful mind. I hang out with a small group of special people. I don’t cook as a rule because I have peeps close to me who prefer to do that! I am an active community member and also run a trading group and neighbourhood clean up group on Facebook.

I am an extreme dreamer and so far, every single one of my dreams has come true. Every. Single. One. I take my passions and creativity very seriously and I strive to be successful in everything I put my hand to. I am a tireless seeker of all things beautiful and I am obsessed with textures and colour. I am here to inspire you with wonderful thoughts and ideas about life and art and stuff. I am working on some very exciting projects that I will blog about here and I welcome lots of honest feedback you hear?

I practise Buddhism and I prefer grazing on salads and vegetables. I LOVE live theatre and movies and spending chilltime with my soul person.
Oh ya, I have dived with sharks and swung from tree tops! I absolutely not turn down an opportunity to do something for the first time.

Blog Bio

You may ask yourself?

If you are a person who loves wonderful stories and things, and you enjoy reading about my upside down back to front world, you will be RIGHT at home here!

It is a website that includes short, powerful blogs about about business, life, parenting, art, friendships and splendid stuff in general. You will find the odd review which will always be accompanied by really stunning photographs, pictures and paintings that make our hearts sing!

I have been involved in design and art for the past thirty years or so. If there is anything that will excite you about my site, it will be the eclectic style I use. Whether it is your exposure to the riot of colours I choose, the textures of found objects that from my meanderings that fascinate me, or my harry-casual writing style, something ought to keep you checking in!

Naturally, I am still learning to blog, but as I go along, I am sure I will learn more. I appreciate honest feedback as I accumulate regular blog posts. In fact, I am counting on you to guide me and let me know what you enjoy the most.

I have always lead a creative, left-of-centre life. I have never been a part of the in crowd and I love it just like that! That led me to create my clothing brand, Guru Girl, and the follow up brand, Guru Niji (watch this space as it all unfolds)

Fair enough, but why blogging you may ask? Well I decided to go into blogging after, every time I shared something about my business or my world on Facebook, I would get a resounding response from friends who had experienced something similar and appreciated that I wrote about it. Suddenly they were no longer alone. My purpose here, is to have fun and share my trials, tribulations, inventiveness and over-active imagination with you.

So, grab a cuppa, add yourself to my mailing list, say heloooo000ooo on twitter and enjoy the jaunt!

Love and light